Research Projects by Takeo Igarashi

I have been working on user interface and computer graphics (geometric modeing). As for user interface research, my goal is to establish an interaction style that overcomes the limitations of current GUIs. As for computer graphics, my goal is to enable people to generate advanced media contents such as 3D models and animation, as well as functional real world objects such as clothing and furniture without extensive training.

Please also visit our lab's project page to see students' work, and JST ERATO project page

List of published papers

INVANER: INteractive VAscular Network Editing & Repair (UIST 2019)
Collaborative 3D Modeling by the Crowd (GI 2017)
Interactive Volume Segmentation with Threshold Field Painting (UIST 2016)
Beady: Interactive Beadwork Design and Construction (SIGGRAPH 2012)
Sketch-based Dynamic Illustration of Fluid Systems (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011)
Converting 3D Furniture Models to Fabricatable Parts and Connectors (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011)
Homotopic Path Planning on Manifolds for Cabled Mobile Robots (WAFR 2010)
Apparent Layer Operations for the Manipulation of Deformable Objects (SIGGRAPH 2010)
A Dipole Field for Object Delivery by Pushing on a Flat Surface (ICRA 2010)
Magic Cards: A Paper Tag Interface for Implicit Robot Control (CHI 2009)
Bubble Clusters: An Interface for Manipulating Spatial Aggregation of Graphical Objects (UIST 2007)
FiberMesh: Designing Freeform Surfaces with 3D Curves (SIGGRAPH 2007)
Plushie: An Interactive Pattern Design System for Plush Toys (SIGGRAPH 2007)
As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Manipulation (SIGGRAPH 2005)
Spatial Keyframing for Performance-driven Animation (SCA 2005)
Volumetric Illustration (with S.Owada & F.Nielsen, SIGGRAPH 2004)
Smooth Meshes for Sketch-based Freeform Modeling (I3D'03)
Clothing Manipulation (at Brown Univ, UIST'02)
JAVA Program
A Suggestive Interface for 3D Drawing (at Brown Univ, UIST'01)
JAVA Program
Voice as Sound: Using Non-verbal Voice Input for Interactive Control (at Brown Univ, UIST'01)
(mpeg movie is available)
Adaptive Unwrapping for Interactive Texture Painting (at Carnegie Mellon Univ, I3D 2001)
JAVA Program
Pen-based Interface for Electronic Patient Record Systems (at National Cardiovascular Center, JCMI 2000-01)
Speed-dependent Automatic Zooming (at Microsoft Research 1999, UIST'2000)
JAVA Applet
Teddy: Sketch-based 3D Modeling system (Ph.D dissertation, SIGGRAPH'99)
JAVA Applet
Flatland: An Elecric Whiteboard System. (at Xerox PARC 1998, CHI'99)

Path Drawing for 3D Walkthrough (at ATR 1998, UIST'98)
(mpeg movie is available)
Fluid Visualization of Spreadsheet Structures (at Xerox PARC 1997, VL'98)

Pegasus : A Geometric Drawing Editor (Masters thesis, UIST'97 & CHI'98)
JAVA Applet (IE 4.0 only) is available.
Recognizing Implicit Structures in Card Layout (Undergrad thesis, VL'95)

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