Interactive Volume Segmentation with Threshold Field Painting
Takeo Igarashi, Naoyuki Shono, Taichi Kin, Toki Saito

An interactive method for segmentation and isosurface extraction of medical volume data is proposed. In conventional methods, users decompose a volume into multiple regions iteratively, segment each region using a threshold, and then manually clean the segmentation result by removing clutter in each region. However, this is tedious and requires many mouse operations from different camera views. We propose an alternative approach whereby the user simply applies painting operations to the volume using tools commonly seen in painting systems, such as flood fill and brushes. This significantly reduces the number of mouse and camera control operations. Our technical contribution is in the introduction of the threshold field, which assigns spatially-varying threshold values to individual voxels. This generalizes discrete decomposition of a volume into regions and segmentation using a constant threshold in each region, thereby offering a much more flexible and efficient workflow. This paper describes the details of the user interaction and its implementation. Furthermore, the results of a user study are discussed. The results indicate that the proposed method can be a few times faster than a conventional method.


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