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Recognizing Implicit Structures in Card Layouts

with T.Masui, supervised by S.Matsuoka

As an undergraduate student I worked on recognition of spatial structure of card layouts(1994 Oct - 1995 March). An user can see a hierarchical structure (groups of cards) in a distributed card layout. I attempted to realize such ability in a computer system. Conventionally, recognition of spatial structure is achieved by "spatial template matching", that is, the system has some spatial templates and checks if the diagram satisfies one of them. However, human beings perceive groups of cards based on regularity and adjacency in a card distribution, and then, my approach is to recognize structure based on these properties. The prototype system is written in Scheme Tool Kit, and makes it possible to manipulate card layouts interactively. The focus of this research was to allow an user to manipulate directly what the user perceives in the display.


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