Peer-reviewed Publications

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Demos, Posters, Talks

Minori Narita, Nolwenn Maudet, Yi Lu, and Takeo Igarashi. "FlashAttention: Data-centric Interaction for Data Transformation Using Programming-by-Example." Adjunct Publication of the 33rd Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST '20 Adjunct), pp.65–67, Online, 2020.10.20-23. pdf
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Tsukasa Koike, Taichi Kin, Taketo Shiode, Toki Saito, Shunsaku Takayanagi, Shota Tanaka, Hiroshi Oyama, Nobuhito Saito. The evaluation of diffusion tensor tractography using mixed reality integrated virtual space and real space. 23rd ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING and EDUCATION DAY OF THE SOCIETY FOR NEURO-ONCOLOGY (poster). November 16, 2018 Louisiana
Kentaro Asai, Tsukasa Fukusato, and Takeo Igarashi. "An Interactive Tool for Feature Analysis of Outliers in Multi-Dimensional Data." IEEE Visualization, pp.6:1--6:2, (poster). Berlin, 2018.10.21-26.
Minori Narita, Takeo Igarashi. Programming-by-example for data transformation to improve machine learning performance. ACM Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI), poster, pp.113-114, 2019.3.16-20.
Tsukasa Koike "The accuracy evaluation of arcuate fasciculus of diffusion tensor tractography by fusion of real space and virtual space" Society of NeuroOncology 24th annual meeting and education day Phoenix, Arizona 2019/11/23

Related Publications (before CREST)

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