Teddy on Mac

Teddy is written Java (jdk1.1), which means that Teddy runs on Mac if you install appropriate softwares.

According to some Mac-Teddy users (I do not have Mac), Teddy runs on
Macintosh internet explorer 4.5
apple MRJ applet runner

Please download the programs, and open teddy.html from them.
They seem to sometimes work and sometimes not...

In order to save a model, you need to run Teddy as an independent program, instead of running it on Internet Explorer. You should run "JBinary" (included in MRJ), and open "teddy.Teddy.class" in "teddy.jar". MRJ is avaiable at http://developer.apple.com/java/ .

if you find any additional information, let me know.

Sorry, but please refer to other resources if you need to know what "java" and "MRJ" mean...

Takeo Igarashi