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Scroll Acceleration Ad-hoc Window Hiding

What is this study about?

We propose a navigation technique for browsing large documents that adjusts the scrolling speed depending on the position of the mouse cursor. The scrolling speed is not scaled when using the mouse wheel at the center of the window, while it becomes n times faster/slower than normal when the cursor is positioned at an edge of the window, respectively. Users can first scroll to an approximate position by moving the mouse to the right and rotating the mouse wheel, and then fine-tune the position by using the mouse wheel at the left of the window.

We also introduce a technique for dragging objects across overlapping windows. By rotating the mouse wheel backward/forward while dragging an object, users can temporarily hide/restore a window that obscures the target window. Any hidden windows are pushed onto an internal stack. This technique focuses only on object-dragging tasks; therefore any windows in the stack are restored when the user drops the object onto the target window.


Download: MoreWheel for Windows

  1. Modify the scrolling speed based on the position of the mouse cursor;
  2. Change the foreground window with the mouse wheel during drag-and-drop operations;
  3. Maximize a window or make it topmost by rotating the mouse wheel on the title bar;
  4. Rearrange windows by rotating the mouse wheel on the taskbar;
  5. Scroll inactive windows as well as the active window; and so on.


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