Wang Hua

Graduate Student

Dept. of Computer Science, University of Tokyo

Address: Hongo 7-3-1 Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan

Email: wanghua @

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名前 王 化 (Wang Hua)
Welcome to my page

I am currently studying in the Master program at University of Tokyo.
東京大学 理学部情報科学科 
同大学 情報理工研究科 (2002〜)

研究分野 ヒューマンコンピュータインタラクション、ユーザインタフェース

Research Interests

My major research interest lies in the areas of human-computer interaction and online systems, and currently I am doing the projects on the interface of online communication and on the bio-sensors applications. I am also interested in Visualization, 3D graphics, information systems and data mining.

Last Updated: 01/12/2004