Interactive Motion Photography from a Single Image

Okihide Teramoto, In Kyu Park, Takeo Igarashi

Teaser image

In this paper, we present an interactive and computational method to create a `motion photograph' from a single image. A motion photograph is a still image in which moving objects are depicted as informative as well as motion-evocative, which is inspired by cartoon arts. Given an input image, which contains moving objects but captured as static, the user can add and edit various motion effects to the objects by a simple but efficient user interface. As a result, the edited object conveys an effective motion effect without blurring the object. The proposed system is user-friendly so that novice users are able to create motion photographs without any special skills. Furthermore, the system is extensible so that any new effect can be developed and plugged in. Experimental results and user study show that the proposed motion photography system produces a variety of interesting motion photographs. Compared with the general image editing tool (Photoshop), the proposed system creates high-quality motion photographs in significantly shorter time.