Synchronization of Paired Object Motion in Realtime Recording

In this paper, we present motion synchronization method for animation design by real-time recording. Real-time recording method records the user operation to create an animation. This method is so simple that beginner can also create animations easily. However, it is hard to get the desirable timing when characters interact to each other. We propose two methods to address this problem. The rst one is a new system for motion synchronization by using two-handed input device. In this method, when user inputs motion path that related to each other, our system uses de ned motion path as time line, and then the operator traces the trajectory by one hand and decides new motion path by another hand. The second one is an automatic timing adjustment method. This method displaces the timing of de ned motion path and adjusts it for the best interaction of each animation character. More speci cally, our system estimates the characteristic points from motion path that user decided, and adjusts each characters' temporally near frames to same time step. Finally, we report the results of the user test for each method.

Graduate School of the University of Tokyo
Master Thesis.

This paper is constructed by following two segments:
Two-Handed Interaction for the Synchronization of Paired Object Motion[link(Japanese)]