Hideki Todo

Project Researcher
Takeo Igarashi lab, Department of Computer Science,
The University of Tokyo

mail: tody411 (at) gmail.com
[ Japanese / English ]


I am a researcher at the University of Tokyo. I am interested in computer graphics and user interface in general, especially in non-photorealistic rendering. My current subject is to establish new rendering frameworks for merging artistic and physics-based depictions.


  • A Practical Approach to Direct Manipulation Blendshapes

  • Stylized Lighting for Cartoon Shader

  • LoCoStySh:Locally Controllable Stylized Shading

  • Publications

  • "Lit-Sphere extension for artistic rendering"
    Hideki Todo, Ken Anjyo, Shun'ichi Yokoyama
    The Visual Computer, Volume 29, Issue 6 (2013), pp. 473-480.

  • "A Practical Approach to Direct Manipulation Blendshapes"
    Ken Anjyo, Hideki Todo, J.P. Lewis
    Journal of Graphics Tools, Volume 16, Issue 3 (August 2012), pp.160-176.

  • "Stylized Lighting for Cartoon Shader"
    Hideki Todo, Ken Anjyo, Takeo Igarashi
    The Journal of Computer Animation and Virtual World, Volume 20, issue 2-3 (June 2009), pp.143-152.

  • "Locally Controllable Stylized Shading"
    Hideki Todo, Ken Anjyo, William Baxter, Takeo Igarashi
    ACM Transactions on Graphics Volume 26, Issue 3, Article No.17 (SIGGRAPH2007, August 5-9 2007, San Diego, USA).

  • "Designing Cel Animation Characters With View Dependent Appearance"
    Hideki Todo, Takeo Igarashi
    a senior thesis, Dept. of Information Science, Faculty of Science, The Univ. of Tokyo, 2005.

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