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Step 4: Extrusion

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4 5 6

1) Create an object.
2) Draw a closed stroke within the object by left-button dragging.
(Leave a litte space between the start and end point of the stroke.)
3) The stroke is painted on the object's surface as a closed red line.
4) Rotate the model to bring the red stroke to its sideview.
5) Draw a stroke specifying the shape of the extrusion.
(Leave a litte space between the red line on the surface and the stroke.)
6) Rotate the model to see the result.

Example of various extrusions.

If you draw a closed stroke and do not want to extrude the surface,
a left-button click turns the red stroke into a black painted stroke.

When you have practiced enough, go to step 5.

If the program works strangely, close the applet window and restart the applet.
Copyright (C) 1998 Takeo Igarashi