Information for international students who want to join us

Takeo Igarashi ( User Interface Research Group )

1) Enroll in the Graduate School

Our group is a part of Computer Science Department, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology. We are accepting graduate students in master's and doctor's program. Master's program takes 2 years and doctor's program takes 3 years. You must take an entrance exam and pass it to join us. It happens in August and February to start in October and April, respectively. See here for details. You can see the past exams in the same page (we provide English versions). If you have procedural questions, please contact the Office of International Students. If you decide to take an exam, please contact me beforehand introducing youself and describing your research plan (see below).

Note that our university or our group does not provide any finantial support (you need to pay tuition, approx 500,000YEN per year). You must be self-funded or need to find finantial support by yourself. I would recommend you to apply for Monbukagakusho (MEXT) scholarship. We do not give informal acceptance to MEXT sholarship applicants before passing the exam. Decision will be made at the entrance exam.

In addition to pass the entrace exam to enroll in the graduate school, you need to convince us that you will be productive to join our group (I choose best ones among those who passed the exam). So, if you really apply for the graduate progam, please prepare good research proposals (what you want to work on) and send it to us (in PDF with figures) BEFORE sending application document to the university. Note that it is prohibited to communicate with an applicant AFTER receiving an application document. We will decide based on the content of proposal. Good starting point is to see our past research and students' work. You should also familiazie yourself with publications at related conferences (e.g UIST, SIGGRAPH, CHI, etc.). Good research proposal should start with previous work, identify limitations/problems to solve, and then propose how to solve the problem.

2) Research Student or Interns

We basically do not accept research students (kenkyu-sei) or interns. If you want to join us, please enroll in the official graduate program. Exception applies to students with strong recommendation from an expert in the field (list of past visitors), or with sufficient research/development experience (academic publications are desirable). If you hope to join us as a visiting student or an intern, you should send me a research proposal (see above) together with a resume (CV) and your desired schedule (when to come and how long you stay). There are also some funding support that you can apply for short term stay in Japan ( NSF, JSPS)