Clothing Manipulation
with John F. Hughes

Demostration Movie [AVI 138MB]
Demonstration software [sweater.zip] requries Windows and Java2

This paper presents interaction techniques (and the underlying implementations) for putting clothes on a 3D character and manipulating them. The user paints freeform marks on the clothes and corresponding marks on the 3D character; the system then puts the clothes around the body so that corresponding marks match. Internally, the system grows the clothes on the body surface around the marks while maintaining basic cloth constraints via simple relaxation steps. The entire computation takes a few seconds . After that, the user can adjust the placement of the clothes by an enhanced dragging operation. Unlike standard dragging where the user moves a set of vertices in a single direction in 3D space, our dragging operation moves the cloth along the body surface to make possible more flexible operations. The user can apply pushpins to fix certain cloth points during dragging. The techniques are ideal for specifying an initial cloth configuration before applying a more sophisticated cloth simulation.


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Copyright (c) 2001 Takeo Igarashi