Mid-air pan-and-zom on Wall-sized displays, CHI 2011 
’†“ˆ ½

Gesture Select, CHI 2011@
Όˆδ —E—C

Clutch-Free Panning and Integrated Pan-Zoom Control on Touch-Sensitive Surfaces: The CycloStar Approach, CHI 2010@
ƒuƒ‰ƒaƒ~ƒ‹ ƒpƒ\ƒX

// AirStroke: bringing unistroke text entry to freehand gesture interfaces, CHI 2011@


Gesture Avatar: A Technique for Operating Mobile User Interfaces Using Gestures, CHI 2011 @
* ––œA—Ο‘Ύ˜Y

Deep Shot: A Framework for Migrating Tasks Across Devices Using Mobile Phone Cameras, CHI 2011
* “‘“‡Œ«

WYSIWYF: Exploring and Annotating Volume Data with a Tangible Handheld Device, CHI 2011 
* Kassem Youssef Kamal

User Defined Motion Gestures, CHI 2011 YangLi@@
Protractor: A Fast and Accurate Gesture Recognizer, CHI 2010@


Tangible Bots, CHI 2011@
* Saphyra Vania Marina Amaro

Geckos: Combining Magnets and Pressure Images to Enable New Tangible-object Design and Interaction, CHI 2011 
* ‰œ‘ΊŒυ•½

TUIC: enabling tangible interaction on capacitive multi-touch displays, CHI 2011@
* ŽO‰Y—m•½

Rendering physical effects in tabletop controls, CHI 2011 
TZee: Exploiting the Lighting Properties of Multi-touch Tabletops for Tangible 3D Interactions, CHI 2011@


Combining Multiple Depth Cameras and Projectors for Interactions On, Above and Between Surfaces, UIST 2010: 
* ’|“ΰ@—D‰ξ

Grips and Gestrus on a multi-touch pen, CHI 2011@
* μ‘Ί

ClearPlate, CHI 2011 B
* “‘ΰV

Multitouch and table

Eden: A Professional Multitouch Tool for Constructing Virtual Organic Environments, CHI 2011 @
* ’|“ΰ

FingerGlass: Efficient Multiscale Interaction on Multitouch Screens Mark Pauly, CHI 2011@@
* —Ρ

Magic Desk: Bringing Multi-Touch Surfaces into Desktop Work, CHI 2011@
* “n•Σ

Pen + touch = new tools, UIST 2010
* ŽR–{

Occlusion-Aware Interfaces, CHI 2010 
Rock & Rails: Extending Multi-touch Interactions with Shape Gestures to Enable Precise Spatial Manipulations, CHI 2011@
Multi-touch document folding, CHI 2011@
Grids & guides: multi-touch layout and alignment tools, CHI 2011 
Magic Desk: Bringing Multi-Touch Surfaces into Desktop Work, CHI 2011@
2D touching of 3D stereo objects, CHI 2011 
tBox: A 3D Transformation Widget designed for Touch-screens, CHI 2011@
An Interactive multi-touch sketching interface for diffusion curves, CHI 2011 
SandCanvas: A Multi-touch Art Medium Inspired by Sand Animation, CHI 2011 
LiquidText active reading, CHI 2011@
 // Touch Input on Curved Surfaces, CHI 2011 


A Framework for Robust and Flexible Handling of Inputs with Uncertainty, UIST 2010: 
* Hong

Designing Adaptive Feedback for Improving Data Entry Accuracy, UIST 2010: 
* –xμ

Wrangler: Interactive Visual Specification of Data Transformation Scripts, CHI 2011@
* ‹΄Œϋ

Importance driven compositing Window Management, CHI 2011@@
* ”’

UIMarks: Quick Graphical Interaction with Specific Targets, UIST 2010: 
TorusDesktop, CHI 2011 
Comet and target ghost, CHI 2011 
Ambient Help, CHI 2011 
Prefab: Implementing advanced behaviors using pixel-based reverse engineering of interface structure, CHI 2011 


Prefab: Implementing Advanced Behaviors Using Pixel-Based Reverse Engineering of Interface Structure, CHI 2010
* ˆξ—t

Gestalt: Integrated Support for Implementation and Analysis in Machine Learning Processes, UIST 2010
* ‹‹v

Sikuli: Using GUI Screenshots for Search and Automation. UIST 2009
* œA–μ

d.note: Revising User Interfaces Through Change Tracking, Annotations, and Alternatives, CHI 2010 
Code Bubbles: A Working Set-based Interface for Code Understanding and Maintanence, CHI 2010
What Would Other Programmers Do? Suggesting Solutions to Error Messages, CHI 2010
Designing with Interactive Example Galleries, CHI 2010

Crowd sourcing (Mechanical Turk)

TurKit: Human Computation Algorithms on Mechanical Turk, UIST 2010 
* ‘μ 

Soylent: A Word Processor with a Crowd Inside, UIST 2010
* Φ“‘@

VizWiz: Nearly Real-Time Answers to Visual Questions, UIST 2010
* ‘哇


Kineticons, CHI 2011 
Temporal Distortion for Animated Transitions, CHI 2011@
Using Text Animated Transitions to Support Navigation in Document Histories, CHI 2010@

Designing Adaptive Forms for Improving Data Entry Accuracy, UIST 2010
	Creating Collections with Automatic Suggestions and Example-Based Refinement