I'm working on Magic Canvas project now.

Magic Canvas : Interactive Design Of 3D Scenes From Freehand Sketches

Design of a 3D scene consisting of multiple objects is tedious. Existing 3D tools require the user to choose appropriate model first and carefully place it in the scene combining various operations such as translation, rotation, and scaling. To simplify the process, we propose a system that only requires the user to sketch the appearance of the desired model as 2D image. The system then automatically puts the model in an appropriate location and posture so that the appearance matches the user ' s input sketch. It combines 3D model search and 3D posture estimation to obtain the result. This system allows the user to construct prototype of 3D scene intuitively.

overview movie..(mov)

shillouette rendering..(mov)



3D Prototyping tool

This system will be used when a designer designs 3D widget and 3D interaction to explain other members new interaction of products or 3D game components.


coming soon...



Good-looking Scene( camera display)

The goal of this project is that a user who uses this system ,usually a designer, can find money-shot and edit them easily.

I think that Web3D for advertising products will be widely used gradually. Therefore, it is needed to edit good-looking scene and animation without difficulty.

under construction movie1.. movie2..