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μ-Script System : A Framework Of Synchronized Music Contents Using A Script Language


This paper proposes a new framework in which events described in a script language are embedded in Music XML. As the Internet becomes popular and the network technology improves, interactive musical contents rapidly and widely spread. In making musical content, it is important to synchronize other elements such as animations and user interaction. When we make such contents, however, we usually control timings based on general time units, like millisecond or microsecond, but not on rhythmical ones, like measure, beat or tick. This paper presents a new framework in which the control information can be described inside the musical information, which has been conventionally described separately, by using an easy script language. This makes the timing control of events more flexible and intuitive. We chose Music XML as a format of the musical information. Music XML is a text-based new musical format. The extended Music XML, in which the script is embedded, is not a format intended for exclusive use with μ-Script System, but can be treated as usual Music XML by ignoring the script tags. Furthermore, this system meets various demands of users by the interaction with external applications. This would facilitate the creation of music contents.


graduate thesis