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Information Fishing

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What is this study about?

We introduce a fishing metaphor to provide a dynamic interaction for information retrieval (IR) so that it facilitates iterative IR activities for ambiguous goals. In general, traditional query-result interfaces are less efficient for such imprecise goals, because it is difficult for users to make a precise query when they do not have any specific requests. We need an IR system that does not always provide an optimal result but assists our creative thinking activities.

In our system, each information unit moves autonomously as a fish within a virtual 3D space while the user submits queries as food to the space. Moreover, this virtual ecology takes evolution based on user feedbacks. A user study that compared our system with a common search engine showed that our system provided more various results and more entertainment, encouraging users to iteratively refine their strategies for approaching imprecise targets.



  1. 小林正朋、五十嵐健夫「Information Fishing: 即応的な情報検索と持続的な情報提示の統合」第13回インタラクティブシステムとソフトウェアに関するワークショップ(WISS 2005)論文集、香川、2005年12月、pp.63-68。PDF (1,070KB)
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