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Weekly Report

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Now I got Firefox 1.5! Several extensions (e.g., ScrapBook) work well while others (e.g., Greasemonkey) don't. But it's not a matter. What's awful is the uncool appearance of the history panel (is it a bug or intentional change?). Anyway I modified browser.jar/content/browser/history/history-panel.xul (line 52-73) from <button> to <toolbarbutton> and added #search-box .textbox-input-box { height: 1em !important; } to userChrome.css.


Greasemonkey Scripts of This Week:

Google Cache Mapper
Adds a navigation bar along the left border of the window. It provides a quick way to find highlighted terms on a Google's cached page (e.g.,
Page Info Panel
Adds a small panel onto the bottom-right corner of the window that contains the document title, URL, refferrer, and last modification date so that users can quickly access these information.


How to send a message to the author of a website that doesn't offer any trackback features, comment forms, nor contact information:

  1. Google the following query: -"message" site:destination-domain inurl:destination-path (e.g., -"i love u" inurl:/~kobayash/).
  2. Click a link that you'd like to send the message to, then the access log might deliver your message to the target person.


When I give a presentation, I must...

  1. Turn off all power management and screen savers.
  2. Log off from instant messaging.
  3. Back up my presentation files.
  4. Make sure that the projector works properly with my laptop (especially if I'll show videos or 3D graphics applications).
  5. ...and,
  6. Be confident. Many hours of practice are required.


Sorry, but this paragraph contains only a Japanese version because today's topic is completely based on the Japanese culture.


If I were a village of 100 people, 25 would stay up all night, 50 would have a cold, 75 would be sleeping, and 100 would be lazy. In addition, 200 would have no money.


I'm a good test user if you conduct an experiment in order to find problems in your program. But I'm a bad one if you need a good result. Thank you for recruiting me as a test user.


I also love 7-Eleven, because it's open 24 hours.

Not for Sale

...And here is today's user script. This is really a reinvention of the wheel (just for practice).

Alt Tooltip
Makes any ALT attributes pop up (just like in IE).


Usually, I buy...

(function (person) {
  try {
  } catch (e) {
    var mc = MindController.getController(MindController.STRONGEST);
    mc.operate(new HypnoticSuggestion("Forget it."));


The world is filled with chatter. A cell phone ringing tone often vanishes into the noise. In order to address this problem, people turn up the ringer volume. Then this world become more and more noisy. People make the volume higher and higher... This is a vicious spiral.

So I propose a novel ringing tone — Silent Bell. A high-performance noise canceller creates an instant silent space around the target person. The silence, as a calling signal instead of audible tones or vibrating alerts, has a strong affordance for a gentle conversation. Silent Bell isn't a legacy silent mode. It'll build a more peaceful world on our beautiful planet.

Silent Bell

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