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Weekly Report

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Here is my first impression of Firefox 1.0 and several extensions:

Firefox 1.0
Generally good, but very unstable. Unfortunately this browser sometimes kills my robust Windows 2000.
ScrapBook 0.12.0
Highly recommended. The features are similar to those of WeBox and KAMI-copi for IE, but more user-friendly than both. All Firefox users should install this extension.
SmoothWheel 0.43.1
Not recommended. The scroll behavior is less comfortable than Gecko's default smooth scroll, I think. Moreover, it overrides the effects of some of my cool utilities.
Link Toolbar 0.9.1
Not recommended. The concept (putting a navigation panel in the status bar) is interesting, but this panel is less practical than SuKiBo toolbar on IE.
ForecastFox 0.5.8
Recommended for particular users. Such a extension is necessary for forecast junkies like me.
Google Pagerank Status 0.9.3
Recommended for particular users. Such a extension is necessary for PageRank™ junkies like me.


Pringles' Santa Clauses meet together on my desktop.

Pringles' Santa Clauses


I prefer to think discrete, metaphysical thoughts, but I should learn to talk in a logical, concise way as a researcher in computer science.

...And then Firefox 1.0 is a pretty good web browser, except for the name Firefox. People in the Mozilla community should know why Mozilla had to be renamed to Netscape Navigator when it became public 10 years ago.


My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTP. It's confusing that INTP is very similar to int *p;. But now I'm working with Windows APIs, so I must write it like this: LPINT lpiIntValue;. Fortunately, this code is different from INTP.


My Desktop Zoo #1:

A Tiny Fox


In IE, the JScript code: new Date().toGMTString() returns a string like Tue, 12 Oct 2004 00:00:00 UTC. This time seems to be in UTC, even though the method name indicates that it's in GMT. It's a matter of concern because there is a serious difference between GMT and UTC! ...Please don't say that my PC's clock has an error of a few seconds per day while the difference between GMT and UTC should never exceed 0.9 seconds.


Oops! I've assumed that the CSS code: { line-height: 150%; } is completely equivalent to the following: { line-height: 1.5; }.


Pea?rl and Ruby are scripting languages for June and July, respectively, because they are the birthstones for these months. Now we need 10 additional languages for August-May. For example, Lapis Lazuli, whose grammar might be formulated as an LL(k) grammar, is for December. By the way, December 7 is my birthday :).

Please tell me what's the advantage of Ruby over Perl. > Experts.


K. Masatomo (who worked through the night) said, "The word sleep isn't in my dictionary!" In his dictionary, however, there are hibernation, shutdown, hang-up, emergency maintenance, and so on.


  1. Engineers said, "We can do it, so we did."
  2. Lawyers said, "You can do it, but you shouldn't."
  3. Users said, "We want to do it, so why can't we?"
  4. Athletes said, "Just do it."


The aDesigner is a disability simulator that helps Web designers ensure that their pages are accessible and usable by the visually impaired.


Hara-san set up a lot of webcams around my desk. So I feel like I'm a prisoner.

Eyes around Me



Peperoncina is a fairy of the source code. She is a cute girl who often entangles her hair, goes around a closed loop, blasts her forks, and faints away while throwing up her core.

Peperoncina & Prince Bug Spaghetti Code Infinite Loop Fork Bomb Core Dumped

Her cat, named Prince Bug, has a lot of children. He often goes away and comes back with his new kittens.

101 Bugs

See, they are now on your shouldeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee^C


Fish: the plural for one species of fish, or caught fish, is fish, but for live fish of many species, or in poetic usage, fishes is used.


The following table shows the paradoxical difficulty of reading/listening English based on my own experience.

\ Articles/speeches by native speakers Articles/speeches by Japanese
Reading Easy Hard
Listening Hard Easy


I want to brush my teeth while doing my business in the washroom, so that I don't waste my precious morning minutes. This parallelization must be possible because the former is an upper body's task, whereas the latter is a lower body's task. However, it's too difficult for me... Why?


I don't actually need any low level 3D APIs because I'm not so interested in 3D modeling and rendering but just in data visualization. So I have been satisfied with Java 3D, which is scene-graph based and can't access the low level features of 3D graphics cards. But these JSRs would encourage me to learn OpenGL.


I've been engaged in JavaScript, DHTML, and bookmarklets for the last several weeks. It's very exciting to create bookmarklets and use them. The advantage of bookmarklets is, I think, that we use them almost anywhere we want and anytime we need. This is quite a contrast to the aggressiveness of most other JavaScripts and DHTMLs, which are sometimes unnecessary and even uncontrollable.

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