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2D blog

What's This?

2D blog is a prototype blog engine using the REST+Ajax technology. Currently you can add, edit, move, and remove any entry with username "guest" and password "guest".

This is a development version. If you find a bug, please let me know. Any suggestion for improvement is always welcome.

Browser Compatibility

Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Pretty good.
Firefox 1.0 1.5 or later
Generally good, but fade effects are less smooth. In addition, system menus sometimes become not activatable. Pretty good. The problems above have been fixed in Firefox 1.5.
Opera 9.0 or later
Relatively worse. No Ajax (now debugging). No wheeling (because it does not support mouse wheel handling). No fading (because it does not support alpha blending).
Safari 3.0 or later
Seems good, but not tested yet.

If CSS or JavaScript is disabled, 2D blog offers minimal features.

How to Use 2D blog

Screenshot of 2D blog

Use Text::Hatena Syntax for writing entries! In addition, several additional notations are available:

Puts a link to search for the given word through the entries.

To Do

  1. 検索、カテゴリ
  2. 既存エントリの位置、サイズ変更
  3. TrackBack
  4. スタイルシートOFFでも閲覧に耐え得る構成
  5. 部分、逐次読込
  6. Z-orderがインフレ
  7. モジュール化
  8. RESTっぽく
  9. 逐次読込で新規のエントリが重複する可能性(バグ)
  10. RSS feed
  11. くっつきトラックバックはdocument.write()でAjax不可
  12. IEでくっつきトラックバックの非同期ロードが無効
  13. 特殊文字を検索するとエラー(バグ)
  14. Opera対応、Safari対応(できれば)
  15. 記事一覧
  16. 同期(セッション内、セッション間)
  17. アクセスコントロール+認証
  18. XML::Simpleが重いのでズルをしている(深刻)
  19. Ajaxなので履歴に残らない
  20. TrackBack auto-discovery

Source Codes

Version History

Added regional search.
Revised the structure of client-side code.
Addad emoticons (XD, :D, :), :O, :P, and :().
Addad an image-attachment notation ([[foo.png]]).
Revised the format of an entry heading.
Revised the behavior of Kuttuki-TrackBack.
Added keyword highlighting.
Added RSS feed using XML::RSS.
Revised LnF, visual effects, and HTML structure.
Added RSS feed using Nandemo-RSS.
Added a size/position control of existing entries.
Added keyword search.
Added TrackBack using tb-standalone and Kuttuki-TrackBack.
Initial Version.


2D blog uses the following libraries/techniques:

Kuttuki-Trackback Icons
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