Sketch Interface for 3D Modeling of Flowers


3D flower models are important components for impressive virtual reality environments. However, flowersf leaves or petals are 3D free curved-surfaces and they are very difficult to model. We present a user interface with which the user can easily model flowers using freehand sketches. The user interfaces for generation, transformation, and copy are specialized to model leaves and petals, and thus it is more intuitive and flexible comparedwith rulebasedmodeling systems or library-based approaches.

Demo Videoiin Englishj avi

example1@/ example2(point light)

---------------------To Model a Stalk------------------------

When the user draws a stroke on the ground in create-canvasmode (a), a curved surface canvas is generated by lifting the strokeaway from the ground (b) . When the user draws a stroke in stalkmode (c), the corresponding stalk is created (d)

--------------------To Model A Leaf------------------------------

The user first drawsthree strokes that represent the outline and center vein of the leafon the flat canvas; then, a flat leaf object is created (a). Next, the user draws strokes on the object in modifying mode todeform the leaf (b)(c)(d). These strokes deform the leafobject in the direction perpendicular to the viewing direction. Theoperations shown in (b) and (c) cause global deformation of theleaf, while the operation shown in (d) deforms the leaf locally.