Media Informatics, Year 2011 [ Japanese]

Media Informatics, Year 2011

Instructor: Takeo Igarashi (Professor)

Application with Microsoft KINECT

仧 Makoto Nakajima
A Head-Banging Interface to Trigger Sound Materials

丒An Interface recognizes a motion of human head and make a sound

仧 Vladimir Alves
Puppet Master Project
/ movie2

丒A character walks along a motion of fingers

仧 Yusuke Matsui
Image Retrieval Using Gesture

丒Image retrieval based on hand tracking

Crow Assault

丒We select a character to defeat along the direction of a fingertip

仧 Saphyra Amaro / Yusuke Takeuchi
Run a Car Robot by KINECT

丒We control a car robot along a gesture of our arm 丅

仧 Youhei Miura
Calligraphy by KINECT

丒We make a stroke along the direction of a fingertip

仧 Teppei Fujisawa
HIP; System Recognizes a Motion of a Hip

丒The system recognizes a letter along a motion of our hip

仧 Shinya Kawamura
Gesture Controls a Slide of Presentation

丒A page of slide go and back along a motion of our gesture

仧 Lin Xueting
A Real Time Stage Background for Dancers

丒Arbitrary picutures show when KINECT recognizes specific gestures

仧 Shota Watanabe / Kyoko Hashiguchi

丒We move our head, and avoid or catch the falling objects

仧 Ko Wing Hong
An Application for Mixing Reality with Virtuality

丒 Along gesture, we controls a character that visualize on an image of a real background

仧 Tetsuro Horikawa
Chromatic Percussion For Kinect

丒The system makes sounds of a glockenspiel when we swing down our hand

仧 Sho Inaba
Kitty on Kinect

丒 A direction of a stuffed cat change to track human body

仧 Yoshitaka Ushiku
Track Flexible Objects by CD-matting with KINCET

丒The camera tracks a flexible object like a towel and show by CD-matting

仧 Daichi Hirono
Boss is You

丒You are a boss of a video game, so you avoid a bullet and defeat other characters