Research about Efficient File Sharing of Peer-to-Peer Network

Yasunari Hashimoto, Kei Hiraki

In these several years, Peer-to-Peer applications such as Napster and Gnutella file-sharing system are globally used as a new form of using network. In a Peer-to-Peer network, peer is a computer that has both client and server roles.
Currently, when many down load requests converged on a peer, each peer simply deals with its request in order of arrival. But there are many DOMs(download only members) in the Peer-to-Peer network, and if those peers download files, they would not open the files for public. So, if requests of the peer which would open the files they download are granted priorly, mirroring of the files could be made, so at the server side the workload can be distributed and at the client side response performance is to be improved.

In this paper I propose a protocol on the Gnutella Network that peers inform each other which one is opening files for public(a peer now opening files is expected to open download files too) and each peer decides which one's request is handled priorly by using this information, and I inspect how this methodology for each peer affects whole Gnutella Networks by own simulator.

Copyright (c) 2003 Yasunari Hashimoto