Yasunari Hashimoto, Takeo Igarashi

B-version Demostration

Your browser requries Sun Java2sdk1.4
[Layout Search Engine B.ver]

We introduces a new web page search method using layout as a search key, which differs from ordinary keyword-based web page search methods. Web browsing is very popular and many people have their own web pages. However, when one wants to make a web page, it is usually difficult, especially for a novice user, to design a good-looking layout. In such a situation, users can easily find referential web pages using our system by quickly sketching a desired layout. It helps novice users to understand what kinds of layout are possible in the tag-based HTML framework, to explore multiple design possibilities with rapid trial-and-error process, and to construct an antual HTML document using tags of searched pages. Our approach is unique in that it focuses on the overall layout of web pages instead of actual contents such as texts and images. We designed a sketch-based query interface and developed a matching algorithm for finding appropriate sample web pages, considering the position and size of each object on a page.

Copyright (c) 2003 Yasunari Hashimoto