These are my photos taken in many places during journey.

Morioka in Iwate

In Feburary
every place is
covered with snow
Hakodate in Hokkaido

In December

Outstanding view from
the mountain
Kamakura in Kanagawa

In April

A great statue of Buddha.
Sendai in Miyagi

In November

A bronze statue of
a famous feudal lord
"Date Masamune"
Nikko in Tochigi

In July

A famous shrine
"Nikko Toshogu"

In September

a view from
the northest point
"Henndo Misaki"
Yokohama in Kanagawa

In August

a view from sea bus
Sagano in Kyoto

In September

a forest of bamboo
near "Tenryu-ji"
Kanazawa in Ishikawa

In December

a view of winter sea
at north side of japan
"Nihon Kai"
Hakone in Shizuoka

In November

waterfall surrounded
by red leaves

Ayers rock in Australia

a stunning view from
"Ayers Rock"

I could realize
the earth is round
Paris in France

Nortordam temple
over the street

What a very beautiful city
Paris is.
Vancouver in Canada

A Canada Place
view from Harbor Center
Seattle in America

A baseball studium
"Safco Field"
Home of
Seattle Mariners
Neuschwanstein in German

Amazing beautiful castle
built by
Mad King
Vienna in Austria

the capital city
of Austria
It's famous as a music city.